How to avoid theft of rental vehicles

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A problem facing those operating car rentals is the theft of their fleet vehicles. Thieves in popular destinations know that rental cars are full of cameras and other valuable portable devices, such as tablets and computers. If they’re lucky, they may even find jewelry in the luggage. Even when valuables are locked in the trunk, theoretically out of sight and therefore not a temptation for passers-by, there are those who break windows. They pick the locks and break into the car to take whatever they can reach.

It is common among residents of cities with large tourist flows to hear news about the theft of tourist vehicles loaded with suitcases and other valuables. So, here are some tips on how to avoid break-ins and theft.

Rent a car Athens: How to avoid break-ins

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In some areas, the problem has become so severe that the authorities have put up warning signs for drivers and passengers not to leave anything inside the vehicle. Additionally, the following tips can save your belongings once you have chosen to rent a car for your transportation.

1) When searching for parking, keep your eyes wide open. Should you find broken glass, leave. The thieves probably broke the window of another car at the exact point where you are standing. In this case, look for another parking lot. While browsing rent a car Athens, you can also search for safe areas in the city. This way, take into consideration of unfamous neighborhoods to avoid prior to your arrival.

2) Leave the car glove box or other compartments open. The thieves will see that they are empty. They will move on to the next vehicle once they find it’s empty.

3) Remove any electronic components when parking. Charger cables, tablets, and GPS devices are all butter to a burglar’s bread. Despite being small objects, they have a value once sold. That is an incentive for thieves.

4)Always lock the doors and close the windows and the sunroof. Putting up with the heat for a while is a much better option than dealing with a burglarized vehicle.

5) If you absolutely must leave something in your vehicle, hide it under the seat, car carpet, and similar places. Caution! Covering items with a blanket no longer works. Thieves will break the window to see what is hidden.

Rent a car Athens airport: How to avoid theft

Rental vehicles are a temptation for thieves. There are some audacious ones who even rob the vehicle in the presence of the driver. Whatever the condition, you can avoid theft even when renting a vehicle through a rent a car Athens airport service by applying the following:

1) Avoid convertible cars. As tempting as it may seem to feel the sweet breeze caressing your skin, it is just as shocking to rob you while waiting at a traffic light. It has happened to many people. Thieves grab purses, bags, luggage, laptops, and everything within reach.

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2) Rent a vehicle with air conditioning or, if it has one, prefer to use the air conditioner instead of fresh air. Keep driving with the windows closed. Thieves try to grab whatever they can reach, even when the car is in motion, as previously mentioned.

3) Lock the doors when driving too. Again, there are burglars who try to grab whatever they can find on the seats while you are parking or taking a turn.

Find out about your insurance policy

No matter what you do, some things may be inevitable. Before signing the renting contract, ensure you fully understand the company insurance policy in case your belongings are lost:

1) Luggage insurance: It compensates you for the value of the stolen luggage (up to the limit determined by the company policy). Furthermore, it covers you for any further impact the theft might have throughout your trip. If someone took your belongings from the rental vehicle, you receive some money as compensation to replace them. Remember that this insurance has limits.

2) Accident Insurance: When you rent a car, the company will indemnify you against damage caused to the vehicle’s exterior by the thieves. That does not cover items inside the car.

Ideally, before attending the car rental services for your holidays, search thoroughly for the insurance policy. Make sure you get coverage for most of the cases and travel safely.

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